Review: Sivanna 12 colored eyeshadow kit (4)

I’ve recently started obsessing over makeup, and when you happen to live in india
there are always weddings and functions taking place all around the year ,So you need makeup, you just do!
And i happen to be very economical when it comes to trying out new stuff
I urgently needed eyeshadows in my kit, as demand of the hour
my cousin’s wedding was around the corner

I knew this brand called sivanna being all the rage among beauty blogger
and makeup gurus,so i checked online,took alot of reviews
And decided to shop sivanna eyeshadow pallete online
I happen to live in delhi and sivanna is a brand not easily available in stores

Here is what some of the other customers say and like bout sivanna



And this happens to be so TRUE
These reviews are from which i happened to have read before I bought it, and so I went along & bought the pallete from amazon itself

I was so exited when i received the palette,I ordered one more kit from sivanna itself, and the lovliest part is that I got free lipstick of sivanna brand from the seller !! Is’nt it a cherry on top?!





So I’ve posted pictures for clarity and minor swatch as these are only 7 shade swatch and the pallete has total of 12 shades and the kit is Number 4 which has mostly metallic colours which must be very evident however it has 3 non-metallic shades(Black, Dark Brown and Light Brown)

Now my take is that it’s amazing if you are a beginner and looking for cheaper options and want to try your hands on makeup  ,I assure you, you can absolutely go ahead and buy yourself this treat and start enjoying your makeup journey

For those of you who are a PRO, might not exactly love but then its still pretty great !

It has almost no fallout and pigmentation is great !! Thumbs up for it

Packaging is cute and handy

Did not cause irritation to eyes or skin

Price: 475 INR


You see I’ve come a realisation that first impressions are nothing
even seconds or thirds and some more after that

often our understanding of someone is based on prejudice
it is just convenient to judge people on common opinions

but it is so common that once we get to know them personally
all these beliefs seem to fade away

I have a few friends who i didn’t like in the initial phases
and I could literally list down the things i dint like bout them

but then once we became better friends
all those things didn’t bother me
they were still there
but then the things I liked bout them outweighed the things i didn’t
and to my concern these aspects of their personality shouldn’t have bothered me anyway

So we should try and give our relationships and friendships more chances than we already do
for we never know who could come and turn our world around if we never did

I sat there in distress
I’ve been here before a long time ago
but it wasnt like this then

this weird sense I was feeling
it wasn’t new
it wasn’t rare
I felt so scared

everybody around me showed no sign of angst
like it was no big deal
actually it wasn’t

I clenched my mother’s hand
closed my eyes
and held my breath
till the plane took a flight

now looking out the window
I don’t feel that fear
not anymore

the plane lands
and I thank god
for being alive and living
to come again and not be queer

In my head I’m the good one

See everybody is not necessarily where they wanted to be
although they are exactly where they are needed to be,

From the lives that we’ve been given, it is clear that every action we take lead us to where we are today
and well who is to say that if we made a right decision at that point or not?

My actions were right for me,
the path i chose to walk down was best for me, or even if not,
I am the one to deal with it and not somebody else

And for a person looking from far knowing nothing of my past and even my present perhaps, might judge me for what I do or did,
but he’ll never understand the reason behind it, and he doesn’t needs to
His fundamentals might not be in sync with mine or
His thinking of what is right and wrong or best, might not agree with my ideologies



That is how it is, everybody choses a path they think is best for them

Everybody’s journey is different
and there isn’t really a question of good or bad

What really matters is you and me are incomparable,
and that is why it is okay for us to have difference of opinions
Unique paths and different journeys

Where yours is best suited for you
and perhaps mine is best suited for me

LOVE that you’d stab

Well love.
its hard to comprehend
even harder to explain
and I don’t understand it neither can i describe it
I’m out of words when im asked bout it
and get extremely baffled when i have to think bout it


I’ve been fortunate enough to experience how it feels, but damn, in my case it dint last long
And as I said I don’t understand it
My inability to perceive love correctly comes from my inability to understand the sterner sex(men)
I don’t understand men. Almost none of them.

Women are considered to be confusing, and not knowing what they want
but trust me who so ever said that men are easy haven’t dealt with them at all

They are difficult
They are confusing and unstable
They don’t know what they want either
And last but not the least they don’t know what they are doing in most cases

And more often than not they’ll send you mixed signals
confuse you
will make you change your opinion bout them, and then prove you wrong

They’d want you only as long as you don’t want them
as soon as you want them, you’ve lost them

They have absolutely no attention span
yes no attention span

When you’ll be waiting for them to make you their home,
they’d already be searching for a new place to visit like a wanderer

And no sweetie, most often than not you’ll think there is something wrong with you but nah
It’s not you it’s them

Even if a girl fell for you after you fell for her,there are still greater chances that she’ll fall harder
and she will be willing to give hell lot stuff up just for you
she’ll be much more sacrificing
And ya she’ll be demanding, but only of your love,your time and nothing more

But men, they’ll fall out of love so quick
You wouldn’t even get a chance to blink

Well sure every guy doesn’t fall into this category,
most of em don’t,there are guys who’ll love you above all else and will die for you even.

But the ones that do fall into this category
will get on your nerve and also make you love them even harder

You’ll continue loving them,and you will still cherish them,no matter what
Not because they are special in any way
But because you’re special to be dealing with such a headache  :p


You are beautiful

Yes you!  You are beautiful

In all that you are
In all that you were
In all that you will be

You are beautiful in true sense
above all superficiality

Nobody else has the power to make you feel ugly or beautiful except you
The day you start believing that you are beautiful is the day everybody else will believe it too

It takes time to accept yourself completely, and sometimes its takes even a whole lot of lifetime to realise that

Don’t waste that kind of time ,and start now, start a step towards accepting yourself right now

It doesn’t matter what skin shade you are, how much you weigh
How you look in that particular dress or how many scars you have.
Neither does it matter if you are in or out of an ideal women’s bracket set by the hypocritical people of the world

None of it defines you

And how you look is not even a percent of the beauty you possess
You are above all this

Be just who you are
from within
Let it out
Let it shine
Don’t hesitate

my first ever blog

Everybody and anybody around me is doing something interesting, something they are passionate about. Following their passion by creative or academic instincts. You know what I mean?! I have friends who sing amazingly well and dance really fabulously or well ,sketch or draw or write or can do computer coding(i said computer coding out of nowhere because i am doing computer engineering) really well and the list goes on. And at some point of time I have tried doing everything I’ve mentioned just for the sake of finding my passion. But I never thought of writing. Never even gave it a thought. I would think of drawing or singing or even dancing which I do horribly but I never thought I can write or I should write. Well everything isn’t for everyone. Or so I thought.

And here I am now writing my first blog. A little hesitant at heart.I am not the writer kind of a human being, the ones who will always have something to write about,the ones having ideas pop into their heads or someone who has wide range of interests or even a talker. I couldn’t even think of what to write first. And I couldn’t think of what bout on this Mother Earth would I write bout in future. But then here i’ve started.

Optimistically thinking to my self “what can possibly go wrong? But there are a million things that can possibly go right! So it’s worth giving a shot, worth seeing if I can find a lost passion So here i go..
I am glad I started.